New structural elements:

<article> Defines an article
<aside> Defines content associated with the web content (notes)
<bdi> Separate part of a text that could be formatted in another direction
<command> Defines a button that the user can press to execute a command.
<details> Defines additional information that the user can hide or display.
<summary> Defines a header visible to the element <details>
<figure> Specifies an area of self-content (photos, diagrams, drawings, code)
<figcaption> Defines a title for the item <figure>
<footer> Defines foot for a document or section
<header> Define a header for a document or section
<hgroup> brings together a set of elements <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h6> <h5> and when a header has several levels.
<mark> Defines a text marked or highlighted.
<meter> Define a scalar measurement within a known range.
<nav> Defines navigation links.
<progress> represents progress or progress of a task.
<ruby> Defines an annotation RUBY (for East Asian typography)
<rt> Defines pronunciation of characters (for East Asian typography)
<rp> Defines the content to be displayed in browsers that do not support ruby annotations
<section> Defines a section in a document
<time> Defines a date and time
<wbr> Define a possible separator

New elements of audio and video:

<audio> Defines a sound
<video> Defines a video or movie
<source> Define audio and video resources
<embed> Defines a container for an external application or interactive content
<track> Defines text tracks to video and audio

New Item Graphics

<canvas> Used to draw graphics on the fly, using JAVASCRIPT

New elements of a web form

<datalist> Specifies a list of pre-defined options to validate input data.
<keygen> field defines a key generator
<output> Defines the result of a calculation.

Were eliminated the following: